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  • Francisco  Profile

    Francisco 09/26/2018

    Ive been living here since December 15, 2017. My room is spacious, comfortable, private, and well furnished. The space is quiet, and I often work from home instead of going to cafes. The neighborhood is also quiet, very safe, and close to a diverse mix of restaurants and shops. My roommates are amazing and respectful, and my landlord, Josefina, is attentive, kind, comical, and ensures you feel at home.

    I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a home with warmth, peace, and most importantly, respect. Its great for anyone who needs to balance their hectic, city life with a space they can escape to and relax.

  • Peter  Profile

    Peter 06/14/2018

    I am on a contract from Australia and came across this gold mine. Josie is very accommodating and gave me a large room with 2 beds, table, bureau , draws and wardrobe. The room is very big. The house is free from bugs and vermin. The location is superb and close to excellent restaurants. The people in the house get along and we have lots of interchanges. Privacy is given to all. My wife visited me from Australia and Josie welcomed her and my wife felt at home. I am very happy and fortunate to live here whilst I am on my contract. Love the place and location. I also joined the local gym that was very reasonably priced and there are also many events that happen nearby

  • Peter  Profile

    Peter 06/09/2018

    Jose has given me a large room with 2 beds so I can have my wife stay over from Australia every now and then. Ample room for clothes and use of all amenities in the kitchen, pots and pans cutlery , crockery etc. we have our own spaces for food and refrigerator foods. The house is very very good value for money and all people get on and we enjoy discussing topics and local things. It is free from bugs and vermin and I was lucky to find this property. The property is very close to transport and that is excellent for getting around
    Love the place!

  • Walid  Profile

    Walid 11/03/2017

    I stayed at Josies for 8 months since it was so close to work and in an awesome neighborhood, 10 mins to Downtown Brooklyn and about 15 to Manhattan by train. Nearby Prospect Park and plenty of famous shops and restaurants. The room, 3F, was a good size with two beds for the occasional guest. Sharing the full-sized, newly renovated bathroom with 2 or 3 others was never an issue. Josie and the other roommates were great and very respectful. I was new the area so Josie, Reza, and Marcus were always there help to find my way around. I moved in with my girlfriend recently but would definitely stay there again.

  • scott  Profile

    scott 05/30/2017

    Me and my colleague from work stayed at the property for 2 months. We were working at Red Hook and the house was ideal for our deaily commuting.We shared a room in the second floor which was very comfortable and spacious for 2 people. Josie, our landloard was very friendly, professional and extremely helpful. In fact we asked her to have the same room for next year!

    All our roomates were very friendly as well. The room and property are suitable for both professionals and students. The property is clean, with two bathrooms and close to everyday shopping and subway. Personaly, it was the best choice I could have done - because of the people, property and price.

    We higly recommend this property. Josie is being doing this for many years and knows exactly what she is doing!

    Thank you for everything Josie, we really enjoyed our staying there!

  • Imad Hammad Profile

    Imad Hammad 08/01/2011

    The property owner, Josie, was extremely friendly, professional, and helpful. The house is a little bit old but its really cozy with very great and clean accommodations. My room was very clean, spacious and private. I saw the other rooms and mine was the best. Also, the house is very close to shopping, grocery, subways, dining and of course Prospect Park. The roommates are nice people and Josie asks other roommates for their opinions before accepting a new person in the house.