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  • Jenny Wong  Profile

    Jenny Wong 03/16/2019

    What a wonderful experience living here for 2 yrs. The neighborhood is peaceful and safe. My room was spacious with lovely bay windows and a spacious dressing room. Ms Sheila is a wonderful landlady. My housemates were respectful and friendly. The location is convenient to the subway and shopping. A very nice park nearby. An overall great experience living here.

  • Charles Liu  Profile

    Charles Liu 04/18/2018

    It’s spacious, clean, and quite close to the subway entrance. A laundromat at the street corner is very convenient.

  • Alex  Profile

    Alex 12/27/2017

    I have stayed here twice over the last 4 years for 6 months each. It was fantastic both times. The landlord is actively improving the building all the time and it just keeps getting nicer each time I stay there. The roommates are quiet and respectful and very friendly. I will happily stay there again.

  • Bo  Profile

    Bo 07/03/2017

    I lived in this room for the a little over a year. Its been great. The roommates are awesome respectful people. The Landlord does a good job of choosing tenants that she thinks will get along. This is a great neighborhood close to the train and I always felt safe.

  • Thomas  Profile

    Thomas 01/09/2017

    Ms. Baker was everything I couldve asked for in a landlord. When I needed student housing desperately, she reached out to me and facilitated my move without hassle or stress. She was then nice enough to make sure I was properly situated and even took me on a short walking tour of the neighborhood to give me the inside scoop. Whenever I did have a problem, she was quick to address it and made sure I had everything I needed. She also invests time in making sure that her tenants are agreeable and ensuring that the community is pleasant and respectful. I greatly enjoyed my time at Ms. Bakers residence and I think anyone else needing good accommodations and a welcoming community will too.

  • Thomas  Profile

    Thomas 01/03/2017

    Sheila was a very accommodating landlord and made every effort to make sure my experience was a good one. I really needed a place to live on short notice, and she helped facilitate my move while making me feel more relaxed about the whole ordeal. She even gave me the local tour and showed me around the neighborhood after I arrived! She also checked on us throughout our stay and made sure if any problems did arise to address them promptly. Sheila was always very reasonable and pleasant to speak with, and I feel fortunate to have found her when I did. Perhaps most importantly, she took care in choosing her tenants so that the community was agreeable, responsible, and nice. I loved everything about my stay on W 138th St., and Sheila was a big part of that.

  • Michal  Profile

    Michal 10/10/2016

    The apartment is located in a charming street of sandstone terraced houses with trees in front of the buildings. The vicinity is very calm, safe and there are two big parks nearby (and you can get to the Central Park within 20-25 minutes walk, actually). You can shop in Foodtown, Duane Reede or Bravo within ten blocks from the place or go to 116th to 7Eleven or to 110th to Westsdide Market and there are plenty of grocery stores, barbershops or laundry spots around as well.
    The room I am renting with my girlfriend (on the 2nd floor of the apartment) is very, very spacious, has a grand window with a comfortable oriel, king-size bed, two desks, a couple of bedside lamps and a huge walk-in closet - as such it is perfect for couples, although an entire family would fit here as well.
    There are two well-kept bathrooms (one on the 2nd, and the other on the 3rd floor) and an additional restroom downstairs, next to the kitchen. The latter is well-equipped and pleasant to use, it has a big table and an exit to the back-door terrace, where you can sit during warm mornings or evenings (and the back-door wall is covered in ivy, so it looks nice). There are yet three other rooms in the house, so we actually share it with 4 people, and surprisingly it does not get uncomfortable or busy at all - for instance, we never experience anything like a queue to the bathroom etc.
    The subway station (B and C lines) is around 100m away from the house, so one can get there in no more than two minutes. The connection to downtown is perfect then (you can get near the Empire State Building within 30 minutes after walking out the house).
    The landlord is a very nice, honest, conscientious and helpful person. Before you move in, you just need to secure the lease with a deposit (without paying the first-month rent beforehand) and you get to sign an electronic lease contract provided by a law firm, so the situation is very straight.
    I can highly recommend this landlord and apartment for your stay!

  • Savannah  Profile

    Savannah 09/10/2015

    Although I only lived in the brownstone for a short two months, I had a great experience. As a young woman, it is very important to feel safe in the community that you are living in. I was comfortable with walking home alone late at night, as well as living with three other roommates. All common spaces like the bathroom, living room, and the kitchen are very clean and organized. The bedroom is a nice size and just enough space for one person with huge closet space. The kitchen is very spacious with a dinning area and plenty of room for your own storage. The subway and laundry mat being right around the corner was also very convenient. All in all my experience was a very positive one and I recommend to anyone looking for a sublet in Harlem.

  • ANA  Profile

    ANA 09/10/2015

    Sheilas room at 308 W 138th is just the perfect place to stay in Harlem. Situated in a quiet and peaceful area right next to a B-C train station, you can be downtown in 20 mins or rather stay and hang out at some of the nice coffee shops youd find around.

    Youd have a 2nd floor large and luminous individual private room with a huge walk-in closet. Theres a bathroom in every floor, so youd just share yours with one other female roommate. Since its a 1890s -renovated- classic house, the kitchen and living room are also spacious and really lovely looking. Everything works just fine!

    Im a female Visiting Research Scholar at NYU and I found this place safe, clean and really cozy. I go downtown often but I also love to stay at what I now can call my NYC home.