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  • Marc  Profile

    Marc 04/03/2016

    We all know moving and relocating can be daunting and quite stressful -- Especially for those who are just looking for something quiet, with basic amenities and shelter. Sometimes, people get lucky not only finding a wonderful apartment, but an owner/landlord who clearly cares and will go out of her way to make it a comfortable stay. Someone like Connie makes moving so much easier, reducing stress and hassle. I am in the process of finding a new apartment and if all works out, could be moving into Connies Pleasant Plains location in the coming months. She was a delight on the phone, very compassionate, considerate and easy to talk to. She clearly cares not only about her home and rental, but also has a big heart for her tenants. Very professional, respectful and Im sure any tenant going forward will find her quite exceptional!

  • Marcel  Profile

    Marcel 03/28/2016

    I ended up not renting from her at no fault of her own or the location or anything. She is friendly as can be and wanting to do all she can for her tenants. I recommend Connie and I think you will too.

  • Steven  Profile

    Steven 03/10/2016

    I recently met with the landlord for this rental and took it. It was both economical and good travel time to my job. she is a very nice person and I was very comfortable with her.