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    This landlord is really EXCELLENT!!!! I could not have asked for a better landlord. The ad is perfect! It honestly decribes the apartment. The apartment is clean and safe. The landlord is always available. I lived in the apartment during my 6 month stay in Chicago. My job assigned me to Chicago for 6 months. The company no longer finds rental units for employees. So, I had to find my own place. I was so blessed to find this one! I would recommend this unit to anyone! If you are looking for a nice place in the city, PLEASE give this one a try!

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    The apartment was exactly as described and is in a great location. Throughout initial contact, the landlord seemed extremely friendly and helpful. However there were a few issues that I will mention. We stayed for 2 months time

    1) He promised us a new couch when we arrived. We never got the couch over the 2 months, despite the promise to be there on arrival.

    2) It seemed that the place was clean on arrival.

    3)$400 security deposit. He expected the place to be spotless when we left

    4) When we left, he had us leave the door unlocked with the keys on the counter.

    5) There is no actual bed, it is an air mattress. You cant tell that from the picture.

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