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    The landlord, was very engaging at first, but was hard to get in touch with after that.

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    This property is not as landlord represents it and he is not above keeping deposits to make up for the inability to rent this room. Also it is not in Adams Morgan it is in 16th St. Heights. If neighborhood/decent landlord/decent house makes a difference to you take caution

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    Mike was incredibly helpful, patient, and accommodating during the application process. He is straightforward and honest in his communication.

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    Make sure you check out the property before making any payments to the landlord.

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    Mike was wonderful to deal with. I ended up not getting the room but from the beginning he was very helpful. He was always patient and thoroughly answered questions I had. Since I live in Tennessee I was a tad nervous to deal with random people so far away but he always gave me a chance to talk to the roommates in order to verify that he was a real landlord without me even asking for verification. He was also very understanding when I ended up not getting the room and has offered to stay in contact for future rentals.

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