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    Tenant Response: After 3 months of paying my rent on time, and returning the apt in the condition I received it(if not cleaner) have not gotten my security deposit back. After multiply attempts on phone to ask for deposit, have gotten multiply excuses, if you rent from this guy, do not expect your deposit back

    Landlord Response: The tenant was very young out of college. He would have many unauthorized guests in the Studio Apartment. Several times we needed access to the apartment and told him that we would enter when he was at work and he was fine with that, but we noticed that his trash removal was not done regularly which resulted in a mice infestation which we never had before. Also, Frank constructed a huge hammock in the middle of our flagstone bbq patio and walkway which had to be removed. He never asked us to use it. His statement about leaving the apartment in the condition he received it is not true. The apartment required intense cleaning to bring it back to the way he received it and make it ready for the next guest. Extra cleaning time was necessary over a period of two days, as well as ensuring that no sign of rodents existed.

    Over the years and renting to many guests both long and short term, we have never had a problem with returning deposits. We have been good landlords with no complaints from guests.

    Thank you.

    Neil Quality Control Team

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