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    Tenant Review: Does not maintain apartments.

    Landlord Response: There are 2 brownstones that i own. 523 West 162nd str, NYC 10032 and 14 Jumel Terrace, NYC 10032. I don�t maintain the apartments, Renters are responsible for that. I maintain the infrastructure (plumbing, electricity, structure). I also clean up the hallways, and outdoor spaces that belong to the properties, exterminator services as well. She lived in my house on 162nd str for 8 months without paying the rent. I had to hire a lawyer to have her removed. She was evicted by court. That was 4 years ago. I�ve not only didn�t recover the money that she owns me but had to spent a lot on lawyers. I don�t have a clue why, after all of this years, she writes the review? Maybe she is looking for an apartment and come across of my listing. Please make sure that potential renters are ware of what person she is.

    - Sublet.Com Quality Control Team

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