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    this landlord at first was very kind; unfortunately she was sent a money order of 300$, landlord received it; i was relocating to area and found a place, kathy (landlord) was notified and asked if i could stay weekly. she said no and kept my money that held the apartment until i got there. landlord was rude.

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    The following is a response from the landlord:

    Tenant contacted me to reserve the apartment on 7/26. I explained that she could send a $300 non-refundable deposit since she was definite about securing the reservation. The agreement was that she was planning to stay approx 3 months. She now wants to cancel the agreement and instead use the $300 to stay one week only. I explained that I have lost income while holding this reservation for her as well as incurring additional advertising expense. She would like me to hold it for free for another week until she arrived. Further, I have lost 2 other tenants while holding this reservation.

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