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    Although we have not yet finalised dates (my fault), my dealings with Cristina thus far have been excellent. She has answered all questions quickly and with perfect understanding of what I am looking for ...

    The apartment itself looks wonderful and I am looking forward to staying there and hopefully having a chance to meet with Cristina and thank her personally

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    I came to start my business and I had stayed in this apartment more than two months. Since I was a stranger to Italy and Italian system so I needed a lot of help to star my work.... Landlord Cristina helped me in different things like bank account opening and in hiring the apartment in Prato where I m living now a time.....she proved so friendly and offered me cordial comfortable zone when I was urgently in the need of that.
    APT. MASSACCIO is quite clean, spacious and rather luxurious one with all the modern facilities like wifi ..... Nearby train station, supermarket, bus stop etc etc......with all of those facilities which I could ever imagine of
    being provided with.
    If anyone who is anxious to visit Florence and looking for some reliable place to live in with reasonable budget package then there can be no better offer than of this standardized appartement with the best location and facilities............ Florence is like a paradise on the earth which I believe should be visited..... Good luck!!!!!

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