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    Several years ago I moved from PA to San Francisco for grad school. I was determined to find the "right fit" for my living situation. I did not have a car and required proximity to public transportation, grocery stores, banks and restaurants. Also, I needed a quiet place to study and a safe neighborhood. I could not live with a smoker and I wanted a place where I could have family and friends over. I met Angelina Kravich and decided to sublet her offer to share her entire apartment, along with my own private bedroom. Angelina impressed me as unfailingly hospitable and trustworthy, and I had a very good feeling about the situation. I soon realized that I had found everything I wished, and remained three years. She is extremely kind and thoughtful; I always felt as if her home was my home. If you are a professional woman or a mature Masters/Doctoral student, I would encourage you to contact Angelina. You just might find your ideal "home away from home"

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