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    This apartment was not as big as advertised. As it was a sublet, his things were still in the apartment, but we found that there was not enough room for our things. We had some trouble when renting, but the money was returned.



    The rental was not as big as advertised. The landlord temporarily placed us in a motel because he was not able to accomodate us on the rental dates.

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    Owner was nice but the rental we requested was not available. He put us up in a different rental.
    There are no short term rentals available with this landlord.

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    The following is a repsonse by the landlord to the comment below:

    As a sublet, I did still have my things in the apartment. Whenever I have a renter, I always try to make space for their items (which I did in this case.) I provided the tenant with pictures of the apartment prior to renting. My apartment is very large, especially for New York's standards and I have had up to 9 people stay in my unit comfortably.

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