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    I have been renting from Amanda for six months. She has been an excellent roommate. She was upfront with all expectations before moving in, which I appreciated. She has introduced me to all of her friends and she is well respected. She is an amazing host and has taught me a lot about health and wellness. She is easy to get along with. I am in search of a permanent residence and will be moving soon and it is my hope that someone else will have an enjoyable experience as I have had.

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    The initial 2 months of my stay were average, the last month the landlord became unpredictable with her mood swings and unrealistic with her expectations. I preface what I am about to say in that the landlord does email a 3 page Microsoft document list of RULEs to follow while living in her house before you agree to signing a lease. She is very passive aggressive when it comes to communicating with her renters. Instead of speaking to renters directly, she would leave sticky notes in her home informing renters of something done incorrectly per her standards. When my other roommate approached her in regards to speaking with us directly regarding her concerns with the expectations of house upkeep she agreed to speak directly to us from that point on. This did not follow through, because she began to communicate by email her NEW revised expectations for staying in her house. These NEW terms were not official because a NEW lease was not signed in agreement by the renters to the terms. For instance, my roommate accidentally left the light on in the kitchen on two separate occasions. When I returned home that evening the lightbulbs in the kitchen had been completely removed and the landlord was in bed. She neglected to speak to me regarding why she did this until I directly asked her. She also yelled at my roommate for neglecting to push his dining room chair in after eating at the dining room table. She accused myself and roommate of using the laundry machine and dishwasher too much. Three people living in a house are going to have dirty clothes and dirty dishes that need to be cleaned. There were no restrictions of the amount of laundry or dishes that renters could clean in the initial agreement. This landlord is not "easy going" as her profile states. I highly encourage renters to be cautious when renting from this landlord. I do not feel she should have renters in her home because she cannot share her space and is not an effective communicator to renters.

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