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  • Helen Profile


    I strongly recommend this apartment for anyone who is clean, respectful and wants to have a healthy stay in New York. Steve does all he can for tenants and if you do not know where to practice a sport, ask Steve. He is a great sport coach in basketball for example. He is now a model in many areas. Thanks again Steve for what you have done for me. This apartment is 30 minutes from the Metropolitan Museum of Art by bus(M2 - East Side) Going to the West Side is also very quick thanks to a train station entrance on the 137th Street (B or C train - 135th Street stop) Now I know I will stay in New York for the future.

  • Jerome Profile


    He told you that you only share the place with one other person, but he also comes whenever he wants, sleeps in the living room, visits your room while your not there, decides to change the rules on random occasions. He check what you do, doesnt allow friends to come in. He asks you to keep clean, but doesnt obey the same rules. He was demanding and often absent.

  • Jerome Profile


    The landlord was misleading about the living situation, was inconsiderate and hard to work with.

  • Sublet Profile


    The following is a response from the landlord: Unfortunately, this previous tenant didn't understand our conversation about renting the room. I explained that it was necessary for them to keep the apartment clean, as I have another female roommate that's been renting the other room for almost 2 years. It's not fair that she has to clean up after someone else. Also, they brought food in the bedroom, which can become a mice problem. I wish them luck in their future search.

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