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    We were staying there with two little babies for 5 nights at July. We send a 210 EUR deposit by PayPal and paid a full price in cache upon our arrival. The final cleaning fee (60 EUR) was explicitly included into the price.

    During our checkout, the owners representative, mr. Antony Wilson, has visited us and told that everything is OK, so our deposit will be returned in few days. However, instead of 210 EUR, we have received only 140, plus, in addition, an e-mail from the apartment owner notifying us in a very rude and incorrect words, that she has double charged us for an apartment cleaning by withholding the money from our deposit.

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    The comment belowed is a response from the landlord:

    They left the apartment very dirty. It is clearly stated in the terms and conditions: �YOU ARE ASKED TO LEAVE THE APARTMENT IN A REASONABLE CONDITION, RUBBISH TAKEN OUT ETC. OTHERWISE YOU MAY BE CHARGED AN EXTRA CLEANING FEE� which is what they have been charged. This has nothing to do with the compulsory cleaning fee.
    When my manager Tony Wilson did the checkout, he told them to please clean and tidy all their mess, put furniture back etc. However, they declined and an extra cleaning fee was deducted from their deposit.

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