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    Christine Cisneros

    Tenant Review: It was definitely not as described and the landlord was misleading. The location was outdated and unsatisfactory for my living standards. I also found that I had to share a bathroom and shower with 2 other men. So privacy and security were an issue for me. The landlord said he was amenable to a shorter stay if I gave him notice which I did but then he became visibly upset and I felt threatened. Despite, multiple requests he has not returned my deposit or my unused rent and, he has not reimbursed me for items he asked me to purchase on his behalf.

    Landlord Response: I was impressed with her trip of 1000 miles in the snow and cold, that I didn't check her I.D. and she didn't fill out the rental application Form required. Basically, someone at her new job offered her a free place to stay, so etc. It's understood and as I told her the first day that, this is not a flop house when was said that she wanted a discount rate. I treat my guest like family, and this is about money.

    - Quality Control Team

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