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    The landlady came to us after 10 days regreting to continue renting her flat, leaving us in a very tide time to find another appartment.

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    I have had an initial discussion with this landlord.I was ready to take the room. She asked me to come the next day. When I arrived the next day at designated time she texted me that she had handed over the room to someone else.

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    From the landlord:

    I have texted the prospective tenant. Prior to his second visit, because in the time between his first visit and his intended second visit we found a longer term tenant who better fits our needs. I am not sure when has the reviewer received my text and why it was late, possibly he was in a long subway commute, as he claimed he lived close to JFK airport; but I have made my best to inform him no to make his second trip , and also apologized in the text for renting out the room to someone else, even though the prospective tenant has NOT placed any deposits or other guarantees he would rent, other than the verbal expression of interest in the room.

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