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    My brother and I stayed at this apartment for 6 months and have nothing but great things to say about it.
    The location is ideal for any work commute but we also greatly appreciated the local area for the ability to walk to local shopping malls and restaurants- a rarity in Los Angeles!
    The apartment complex is very secure and the area is quiet and peaceful. The apartment itself is well maintained, wonderfully furnished, and comes with all you could need.
    Bruno was incredibly accommodating and a great landlord. He showed a lot of patience and understanding with our visa situation and allowed us to extend our stay multiple times! With 2 underground parking spaces, a bi-weekly cleaner, pool, and almost every kitchen utensil you could imagine this is definitely a home away from home. I highly recommend it.

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    We spent four months in this great apartment. The location is perfect �right in between Beverly Hills and West Hollywood. The apartment is fully equipped and we had everything we needed. You are literally around the corner from the Beverly Center with a great selection of stores and restaurants. Public transportation is only a block and a half away and a Trader Joe�s grocery store is opening in November, 2012 two and a half blocks away. Cedars-Sinai hospital is within easy walking distance. The owner is a pleasure to do business with and the apartment is a first class rental property with underground parking for two cars. It would be a pleasure to return to this apartment.

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    (cont) The comment about my being pushy about getting payment was due to the fact that I get a great deal of interest in my apartment and two weeks prior to her desired occupancy, she had yet to send me her deposit to hold the space. She chose to pay me via Paypal but that cause further delays in my receiving her deposit and apparently tied up her funds for several weeks, all unbeknown to me until well after the fact.

    She offered to show the apartment to interested parties because she was only taking the apartment for a short-term period. Also, she got her security deposit back well in advance of the 10 business days articulated in our rental agreement. She also knew about the $250 cleaning fee before she signed/accepted the rental agreement and never said anything about her objection to paying this. As I�m sure you know, one tenant�s idea of �clean� is not necessarily another tenant�s idea of �clean� so the cleaning fee is in place so that no tenant has to worry about this.

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    Below is a response from the landlord to the previous comment:

    The paint fumes mentioned were not coming from my apartment � they were actually coming from the building owners who just happened to be painting all the walls in the lobby, hallway and stairwells throughout the building during the first three days of her tenancy. The lobby is directly underneath my 2nd floor apartment so I�m certain that the paint fumes she was smelling were actually coming from the painting that was going on in the common areas of the building. They started painting the very same day that she moved in and it took them 3-4 days to finish all the painting. When I learned the building was painting the common areas when she moved in, I offered to bring her an air purifier to ameliorate the situation, which she said helped a great deal.


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    - $250 cleaning fee no matter how clean U leave it
    - On busy, noisy street w/ lots of dust & fumes
    - Owner pushy 2 get payment.
    - Walls had just been painted in bedroom & entire floor so fumes were bad.
    - asked 2 leave early so another tenant could move in. Said no 2 this but asked 2 show apt 2 them. No offer of compensation but I did it cuz I wanted DD back

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