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  • Allison Profile


    Michael s place is gorgeous. His replies were exceptionally prompt and very clear. I visited his place and he was very courteous and seemed sane, which is always nice. Anyway, the reason I did not rent was that he has a dog and I am very allergic. Otherwise I would have and would not have felt like it was a risky venture as this other reviewer seems to suggest.

  • Angela Profile


    Of course I wouldnt think anything of it if not for the comment made by the person below who experienced Michael telling them they could not rent due to a family emergency. But the same thing happened to me so I am a little skeptical. Obviously its possible for two family emergencies Im not saying its impossible. But Michael did not even inform me until I emailed him asking when we should meet for key exchange. Now Im scrambling to find another place. The lease itself was poorly worded and did not even include the unit number of the apartment.

  • Adrian Profile


    I signed a lease agreement and paid my deposit and first months rent with Michael in January for February and when I was supposed to move in he said he had a family emergency and could not allow me to move in for a couple of weeks. When I checked back in a few weeks, he said I could not move in until the end of the month (the month I had already paid for) so I waited. When the end of the month came, he had an assistant contact me and tell me the deal was off and he offered my money back after dragging me along for a month.

  • Sublet Profile


    Below is the landlord's response to this comment:

    Hello and thank you for reading my response.
    I clearly and I'm immediately was in touch with this tenant to explain my dilemma and to say I could return there deposit right away in any form they would like.
    She wanted to wait even though I explained to her I had no date she would be able to take the room as I was dealing with personal issues that could take time.
    Again she wanted to wait. When it just wasn't going to work out her deposit was returned that day. She was disappointed as my place is beautiful I understand and was very apologetic. I always made it crystal clear she could have her deposit it was her decision to wait

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