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    Renting from Jon was the best landlord/roommate experience Ive had in the past year, since I gave up my 2-bedroom apartment in East Elmhurst. He is respectful, very specific with his requests for cleanliness in the common areas, which I really appreciated. As such, the apartment is immaculate. I was given total privacy when I needed it, also. The floor plan of the apartment is laid out in a good way, the bedrooms are on opposite ends of the unit. The only drawback was the exposure of the bedroom on the 7th floor - it tended to get cold. Jon provided extra bedding on those really chilly nights, which was above and beyond what I would expect.

    Jon is also a really good guy, interesting to talk with, we watched tv together, and occasionally shared meals.

    Its too bad I found this space so close to the end of my time in NYC. The location is good and the apartment is very comfortable.

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    I lived in this apartment for a few months while finishing up school. The apartment and room are great. Jon is a wonderful roommate/landlord and is super awesome about letting you use anything in the common areas you need. Kitchen has everything you need to cook up a nice meal and the bathroom was a great size. The bedroom is spacious with a bed, TV, desk, dresser, TV stand, and decent sized closet. The bedroom was on a corner so it had two nice windows which made it feel even more spacious! The living room is nice and big with a nice big TV and big couch. Jon is also a great guy to live with. Friendly, nice guy who will sit and talk with you, etc but is also great about privacy.

    The apartment is close to two different train lines and getting around Queens and into the city is a breeze. The neighborhood has great food options and there are also grocery stores within walking distance. There are two malls close by accessible easily by train and/or bus. I cannot comment on driving as I didnt have a car but I definitely didnt miss it there as transportation was just so close!

    I would definitely recommend this apartment to anyone needing a place in the area and would rent from Jon again if I were in the area myself!

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    I subletted this room for over a year, and have to say it was the most convenient, comfortable, and enjoyable experience I could have hoped to find in New York for my needs and within my budget. The location is perfect, easily accessible to everything, in a diverse neighbourhood with lots of great food options in particular. Jon is a great roommate, friendly, generous, and always keeps the common spaces incredibly clean (I did my best to contribute as well!). Great to hang out with, but is also very considerate and respects privacy. The room itself was the perfect size for me, and beautifully sunny given the two windows, which I loved. I had no real issues at all while living here, and I actually miss it a great deal! I would definitely recommend it to anyone needing an affordable place to stay in New York.

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