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    I rented this apartment for a one month period and I really enjoyed my stay there. The landlords were very friendly and helpful and made sure I was very comfortable. They also provided me with great information on things to do and places to visit in Toronto. Although I was working quite a bit, I did have the opportunity to get around the city and see quite a few sites. The location of the apartment is ideal as it is 15 minutes to downtown Toronto by subway. It is also a couple of minutes to the Danforth where there are many shops and fruit markets to shop at.

    The apartment was very clean and cozy and I felt very much at home as the kitchen had all of the things I needed to cook with. The towels and sheets were provided and I had access to laundry facilities on site. I would highly recommend this furnished apartment as a great place to stay! Sue J.

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    Being 500 km away from your home and family for two months is a very difficult thing. Renting this apartment � from this family � made things so much more bearable. It was a great safe neighbourhood that I could comfortably sit outside without hesitation after a long day�s work. Although I never thought I would consider a basement apartment, the windows were so large that I never felt �underground�. The accommodations were high end modern, bright, clean and comfortable. The bed???? - Need that model for my own home � smile. The family above me were quiet, generous, friendly and kind. Looking for a home away from home? You have found it!

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