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  • Gregory Profile


    I rented a room with this family from Aug13 - Aug14 and I can say they were extremely kind people. If you pay your rent on time and show them the respect and kindness they show you, you will have a wonderful experience. They treat you like one of their own.

    The room itself is nice too. Heated all through the winter and stays nice and warm in the summer too (they provide you with an air conditioner at no additional charge). The kitchen is stocked with some utensils and cookware, perfect for that first time on your own. Washer and dryer work too, just make sure you do your laundry in a timely manner.

    There is even a C-town grocery store about 3 blocks away off if you keep walking up north street.

  • Monique Profile


    I really felt at home in this house! The landlords are very friendly and supportive, and the roommates were very nice as well.
    Ive stayed at this place for a little more than 4 months, and immediately felt like home!

    Furthermore, the location is very good. Public transport is closeby so its easy to reach New York and other places in New Jersey.

    So I would definitely recommend this room to you!

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