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    Jeanell responded immediately to my email with a phone number which I called. I received a call back within a few hours and we spoke at length about the property. She was friendly and knowledgeable, describing the home and the area in detail. Whatever questions I asked she found the answer and responded immediately. She also asked what we were looking for and was interested in finding out more about us as prospective tenants. Compared to recent experiences where Ive called or sent an email and gotten no response at all--Jeanell has been a breath of fresh air.

    Im finally hopeful that I may secure a rental! Ive also never used before so had no idea how it worked, but have been pleased with how the notification went to my personal email to let me know Jeanell had responded.

    Thank you for your website and service, its a nice option and had properties listed that were not on craigslist or other websites.

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