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  • Austin Profile


    Julie was very quick to get back to me on my request about her apt for rent I would enquire again about other dates etc from her

  • Minerva Profile


    Julie is kind, helpful, and sweet.
    studio is clean, walking distance to shopping and broward bus
    great location
    quiet neighborhood
    nice yard to sit and read

  • Gorgeous Profile


    Madam La Grand Prix,

    is terrific!

    She is comprehensively service-oriented. Totally! She is extremely considerate. Always positive.

    Your stay at her property will be delightful as she is. Her Units are SPOTLESS!

    Thank you Madam La Grand Prix for your exceptional service.

    Best regards and wishes.

  • Carl Profile


    She is very intelligent and easy to get along with.

  • Steve Profile


    Julie is one of the best landlords there is in the South Florida area. The studio I rented from her, was clean and fully equipped with the basic essentials, just bring your clothes. Great efficiency, and Julie is always available to answer any questions and attend to any issue you may have. If you want a no hassle, clean and comfortable place to stay and a landlord who will accommodate your stay based on your needs, for a great price, contact Julie.

  • boroji Profile


    Julie is a very helpful, warm, caring and accommodating host. She has been extremely supportive of my mum and my sister who have stayed at her apartments recently. She is very understanding and she ensures you have all that you need to make your stay enjoyable.
    My sister and her family are currently staying at another of her apartments and they are loving the place and their host, Julie!
    Julies apartments are very comfortable, neat, welcoming, convenient location, and reasonably priced.
    I am visiting shortly with my family and we are certainly looking forward to staying at one of Julies apartments!

  • Zack Dempster Profile

    Zack Dempster

    I contacted Julie around 10 oclock at night and I was pleased to see she had already responded by the time I woke up in the morning. Thats the kind of reliability I am looking for.

  • Israel Profile


    Julie was a great host. The apartment was clean, quiet and comfortable. I would highly recommend her property.

  • Shelly Profile


    Julie is a great landlord, very helpful and caring to her Tenants and With a smile from her.
    The properties sublet by her, are very Clean, and really well managed. Its a Happy place to Live. Thank you Julie for making my stay so Comfortable and Happy here.

  • khai Profile


    I stayed with Julie briefly before leaving town for work, coming back to ft. lauderdale she was my first thought as far as where i would stay. Im very happy with the rooms ive rented from her and how accommodating Julie has been with my work schedule.

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