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    This apartment is in THE PRIME AREA OF THE CITY! And SAFE and CLEAN!

    I rented this this amazing place for my parents for about 5 wks.

    The owner was unbelievably helpful and kind. The space was nice and it came with amazing terrace which views over Union Sq and Park Ave and beautiful plants and birds. In the lobby, there were 24-hour concierges and they were really friendly and PROFESSIONAL. They took care of my parents very well.

    This place worked for my parents perfectly. You leave the building, the all subway lines are literally only 30 seconds away! You can go uptown, downtown, Brooklyn, and west side of the Manhattan, ANY DIRECTION! They went to explore the city, hopped back in the subway, came out of it, the sweet home is right there. Take a break and then went back to explore the city.

    Everything you need is RIGHT THERE! WholeFoods supermarket, DuaneReade, banks(Chase, Bank Of America, TD), bars, a bunch of amazing cafes, all kinds of restaurants(Italian, Japanese, French, Vietnamese, ramen...a lot more), and the greatest thing for my parents was that theres FARMERS MARKET(Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat 8am-5pm)! Fresh seafood, grass fed beef, lambs, bison, pork, chicken, eggs, all kinds of organic vegetables, fruits, and of course, dairy and bakery as well!

    My wife and I live here in the city. We almost tried to convinced my parents to move in for good! We wished we couldve taken this place for good! Yes!!! This apartment was AMAZING!

    Thanks very much for all your help, Lisa!