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    Tenant Review: his guy is fraud . He lead me on for 1 week until I found out that he was trying to rip me off. He asked me to give him $2000 to sublease his apartment through him.


    Landlord Response: Mike first contacted me inquiring about my apartment, and we informed him that we are not available at the property location and my friend who is there can show him the place around and if he is satisfied he can pay an advance and move-in on the same day. Mike called and informed me that he wanted to go to the leasing office and change my leasing information for which I told him will not work with our agreement as the lease is in my name and our offices will not permit this. I suggested him if getting a lease on his name is the requirement then he can get an apartment by lease directly but he said he has some bad history and rental agencies will not lease him apartment. He then started using foul language saying we cheated him and sent messages with profanity in which I blocked him to prevent any further issues.

    - Sublet.Com Quality Control Team

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