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    Tenant Review: Once he saw that I was of different ethnicity and had a daughter who was ivy league bound he told me to look else where there were apartments on Craigslist. Then I was sent a snippy text message I told him that I was no longer interested. Further, the apartment was the size of a closet and filthy. Stay Away..

    Property Manager Response: Unfortunately nothing was verifiable with this potential tenant and her story kept changing deceptively, that is why I would not let her move in. After speaking with her on the phone and meeting her in person she was unable to provide any proof of her stories. Sadly she lives in a hotel but lists a very luxury apartment building in Manhattan as her address on her resume. She did not inform me initially that she had an 18 year old daughter. This was a total surprise from when she said she wanted for studio for herself on the phone. She also stated that her home schooled daughter who was going to live with her (when speaking in person she accidentally let it slip). When I questioned further about the daughter she brought up how excited they were because they had received an acceptance letter to Princeton University. For this statement I congratulated her.

    After I met with her, I tried to verify anything I could on her. When asked if they could provide a copy of the acceptance letter I was then told that they were applying-LOL there is a big difference between applying to a school and being accepted (especially to one of the most well known schools in the world) I have a few rental properties and work as a Registered Nurse where we have many clients with substance abuse problems and I have learned to recognize when people are misleading and have grandiose delusions , as well as how to identify their conflicting information. I always verify a potential tenants stories, when they start off with unverifiable/conflicting information, withholds important information and starts to give aggressive replies I have learned they will not be a good fit.

    - Sublet Quality Control Team

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